Please provide us with detailed information about the item(s) you are interested in selling.
You can contact us by e-mail, mail, phone or fax.
 Address: 8F Ginza Hara Building, 8-15-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Top Lot Co.
 Phone: 03-6264-7105
 FAX: 03-6264-7106


Assessments are available at any time. (Assessments are free of charge).

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This is an acceptance of items for the next auction to be held in June 2023.
          The deadline for submitting an item is March 31 (upon receipt).


You can save time in the valuation process by providing us with a list of your wines (in any format, e.g. Excel, handwritten, etc.).
We will assess the current market price, inform you of the valuation and suggest the best way to sell your wine according to your requirements.

Terms of sale

Bidding at the wine auction

Costs for Consignment

11% of the bid price (including tax)

Example: If the winning bid price is ¥1,000,000 → the amount you receive is ¥890,000 (tax included).
We will bear the costs of shipping, insurance and storage when we take custody of the wine.

Storage and condition check

Once you are satisfied with the valuation, we will arrange a date for you to drop off your goods. A Top Lot specialist will visit you to collect the goods.
At that time, we will also inspect the condition of the goods.
The goods will be stored in a dedicated warehouse.
Prior customer registration (free of charge) is required for the first time only.
Registration can be done online or by mail.
(Identification documents are required for registration.)
We do not accept new registrations on the day of the auction.
Please register by the day before the pre-auction.
Please note that persons under 20 years of age are not eligible to participate in the wine auction.

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For new registrations under a corporate name or for new registrations by liquor stores, please contact us .

From contract to settlement

  • 01


    We will conclude a sales contract. Upon conclusion of the contract, your sale at the auction will be finalized.
  • 02
    Opening of the auction catalogue and preview meeting

    Opening of the auction catalogue and preview meeting

    Once an auction item has been selected, a catalogue is produced and sent out to enthusiasts throughout the country. We also publish the information on the web and start selling to auctioneers both at home and abroad.
    A pre-auction viewing will then be held, where the auctioneer can hold the item in his or her hands and check its condition in person. The previews are free and open to the public and are attended by specialist dealers and collectors.
  • 03


    At the auction, each item is carefully auctioned off in front of hundreds of participants in person, in writing, by phone or by app.
  • 04
    Adjustment of accounts

    Adjustment of accounts

    Once your item has been sold and payment has been received from the successful bidder, we will, in principle, transfer the net proceeds to your nominated bank account within 35 days from the date of the auction.